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2012 Burnt Hills Apple Run

Another great run this morning…and even better, it was practically a ‘home game’! Photos are ready to go right now over at our GALLERY, and we’d love to have you join us on FACEBOOK, too, for a chance to win a photo prize from the run! READ ON FOR MORE…!

Race Photography Saratoga NY

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2012 Saratoga Palio

Photos from this event are THISCLOSE to being ready! Jump over and join our facebook page HERE, add us to your newsfeed, and you’ll be among the first to know when they are posted! AND you’ll be able to enter to win some race day photographic swag! Thanks so much to Mimi Mauer for choosing Five Pines Photography as the official race photographer again this year! I love this event!

Marathon Race Photography in Saratoga

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2012 Malta BPA 5K

Yes! These photos are ready to go! Hit the gallery to check them out, and  jump over to our facebook page to win some stuff! OR… READ ON for bonuses and some more photos!

Event Photography in Saratoga

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2012 Muddy Sneaker 5K

Photos from the 2012 Glenville Rotary Muddy Sneaker 5K are now ready for you. You can head over to our facebook page for a sneak peek, or head right over to the gallery HERE! To check out our event coverage, READ ON…!

Race photography in Schenectady NY

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2012 CYC Boiling Pot 5K

The photos from this great event are now available for you to view and purchase!! plus, …jump over to our Facebook page for a little preview (feel free to ‘like’ us while you’re there!). Or head right over to the gallery to see the photos.

Race Photography in Amsterdam

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Alverson Family – well, most of them…

Boy, am I ever behind on my blog posts! It has been, in the words of that great 80s movie…One Crazy Summer! So here’s a peek back to earlier in the year, when the Alverson girls came over to surprise Daddy with some awesome portraits. These girls were so fun to work with, and it was even more fun to try and pretend I didn’t know who they were at the next 3 races where I saw them! We didn’t want to spoil the surprise for Dad, and he was never far behind at the races! Thanks Carrie, for spending some time and sharing your family with me. I am soooo glad your hubby loved the photos you chose for your prints! And listen..if you’d like to book a portrait session for your family, visit our online booking system right HERE! You can also learn more about our portrait photography at our WEBSITE!

Family Portraits in Glenville Family Portraits in Glenville

Family Portraits in Glenville

Yeah, we really did have this much fun…

Family Portraits in Glenville

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2012 Father’s Day 5K

I’m sure sorry I missed you all out there at the Crossings in Colonie! But if you participated, jump over to our facebook page for your shot at a free 5×7 from the day! Plus, you can see all of the photos taken by Five Pines Photography over at the GALLERY! Oooh! And if you opurchase prior to 6/30, you’ll eevn get an instant 10% discount off your entire order! Thanks to HMRRC and Roxanne Gillen for bringing us along again this year, and thanks to Steve Fogle for covering the event for us.

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2012 Charlton Heritage 5K

Hey! All the photos from the 2012 Charlton Heritage 5K are ready to find a nice, dry home with you! But first, head over to our facebook page HERE, where you can enter to win a FREE full resolution download (worth about $35)  from the 5K! Then head over to our gallery, right HERE to view and purchase your photos! Photos have been tagged with your bib # for easy searching, too. They have not been corrected yet, but if needed, each photo will be individually corrected on order. Thanks to Bill and the race committee for bringing Five Pines Photography along, and congratulations to everyone who braved the rain today! READ ON FOR OUR COVERAGE OF THE DAY!

Photos in Charlton NY

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2012 Survive the Farm

Photos from this event are ready to go!! You can visit our GALLERY to see all three thousand or so photos. They are all tagged so you can search by bib #! Then get over and ‘like’ our facebook page, where you can win a FREE 5×7 from the event! Read on for our event recap, and early bird bonus!

Race Photography in NY

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Cohoes Founders Day 15K and Mastodon 5K

Cool logo, hot day! The photos from the 2012 Cohoes Founders Day 15K and Mastodon 5K are ready to view and purchase! Head over to our GALLERY to take a peek! Images are bib tagged for easy searching, and are also arranged by time, so you can check out the whole day!  AND… you can even enter to win a totally, completely free 5×7 photo of your triumph (or even somebody else’s triumph if you’d prefer) over at our FACEBOOK page! We hope to see you there! READ ON FOR OUR EVENT RECAP, AND EARLY BIRD BONUSES!!Cohoes Founders Day Photos

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